Billy is a kid that has bad luck but never gives up, he likes his friends and helping.

He is on a mission but he doesn't know what he is supposed to do.

Billy's neighbor who has a bad temper most of the time and sometimes takes care of him.

Billy wishes there was something that he could do to make Elle happier but he doesn't know how.

A masked kid that wants to kill Billy.

Animal Queen, strong and with an iron will.

Cito likes animals a lot and also likes Billy and may be one of the few people that thinks that Billy is cool.

This guy has guns as hands what's up with that.

The coolest dog around and Billy's best friend.

Too cool to make an accurate description of him.

Billy's favorite cousin (maybe because he is his only cousin).

An adventurer and researcher, loves to learn new things. He is handsome and everyone loves him
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